Make newsletter only available to certain tiers (CLOSED)

I am glad to see the opt-in/opt-out feature for newsletters. I was doing this via a Google Form, and it was painfully manual.

I now have two general-purpose newsletters that go to all tiers, assuming they haven’t opted out. So far, so good.

Now I want to create a third (and more) newsletter that only certain tiers can opt into. (It’s a perk for that tier.) After playing around with it, I think I can see how to limit to whom it is sent (a combination of tier and opt-in). But, I don’t see a way to keep it from showing in the portal if the person is not at that tier. I don’t want people to have the option of opting in to a newsletter that they will never receive.


At the moment, all members can see all newsletters in Portal - the way to make a newsletter paid only is at the post level (email recipients / access). We’re considering ways of implementing paid-only newsletters for future feature developments :)

Yes, having them all show in the Portal is the problem. I have figured out how to send them to only a certain tier. (I assume the send is further filtered by their newsletter settings, so even if I send it to their tier, they don’t get it unless they are opted in.)

The issue, as you’ve noted, is newsletter being available for opt-in for tiers that can’t receive them. It’s a non-optimal user experience. I’ve dealt with it in my welcome page and email – but still would be good if the newsletter choices were somehow shown after they had signed up for a tier (both on the sign-up page and on the Portal).

Thanks for the info!