Only paid members can opt-in to certain Newsletters

I love the new feature that allows multiple newsletters. And I love how users can manage their own settings for which they receive from within the Portal > Manage Newsletters section. Very clean and works great. Great job Ghost team, 5.0 is rad.

Myself (and I’m assuming many others) will use these segmented newsletters to offer certain content only to paid accounts.

When any user signs up they are prompted to opt in/out of all of my newsletters, even though I will only ever send some of them to paid users.

We send a weekly video to only paid subscribers. This would be a great use-case for a separate newsletter. However when a free user signs up, they now see they opted-in to the “Weekly Video” newsletter. Even though they will never get one.

This is confusing for them. And as of now, there is no way to avoid it other than reverting back to grouping all of my content under one Newsletter.

When editing specific Newsletter settings, under Member Settings, I currently have the option to have users opted in/out by default when they sign up. That would be a great place to add a “membership tier” option similar to what is in the Post and Page editor.

The paid member only newsletters would simply be grayed out to free members both during sign-up and when viewing Manage Newsletters in their account. Maybe a CTA to get them to upgrade, but I know that is dreaming big :wink:

This would be a nice quality of life feature that helps users understand what they are/aren’t getting with a paid/free account.

Unfortunately the multiple newsletters feature, as happy as I am to see it released, isn’t very usable as-is with many paid Ghost sites because of this one issue.