Free memberships for private content

I am working on building a site with public and restricted content. The restricted content is for users that I tag as such. I can’t find how to do this…
Can I create members as “Paying members”? Can I promote non-paying members to paying members? Or can I even avoid the paying members concept?

Any ideas?

You can definitely promote non-paying members to paying members!

The easiest way is to enable the members feature, and then not use the stripe integration at all (dont set a price nor the stripe credentials). When you restrict content, it will be automatically for members only, which are free to register.

That’s what i do for now.


Thx for the quick reply! But I still don’t get it: I have members switched on, plus at 0 USD, no Stripe keys.

I created Posts with visibility set to “Members only”. But when a member logs on, they don’t see those posts…

Any ideas where I made the mistake?


Whether or not you are using stripe, you have 3 types of permissions:

if you create your post with members-only access, only signing up is required (no paying whatsoever). I tested this as of now just in case and it works. Do this:

  1. Use another mail and subscribe yourself
  2. Sign in and test if you can see the post

Hope it helps. I’ll do a post about this since it looks worthy to show people how to do it.

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