Margins disappear when using Microsoft Edge mobile

Hi, I noticed that content (both pages and posts) on Microsoft Edge mobile disappear (I use android). But when I use Chrome or other browsers they look okay.

I currently use Dawn Theme but I noticed this happening on other themes as well like Casper and Edition.

Another weird thing I noticed is the Subscribe button is not how it should be. My admin settings is toggled to “Icon only” but in Edge it shows “Icon and Text”.

I am using self-hosted Ghost on Digital Ocean version 4.7
Link to my post

Hello guys! Any ideas? :sweat_smile:

I’m seeing the exact same problem. Edge mobile breaks the margins.
Is there a solution? :confused:


I don’t see the issue on Edge for iOS:

Here’s your site:

Here’s Dawn:

Here’s Edition:

Here’s Casper:

Can you try to access your website via a InPrivate window? Do you see the problem there?

If the private window shows your site okay, then you need to clear browser cache/cookies and/or uninstall and reinstall the app.

Hope this helps.

FYI there’s only Safari on iOS. All other browsers are just a wrapper around the core Safari-based WebKit engine so you won’t see any difference there. You’d need to test on an Android device or use the emulator on a Mac/PC.

Good point!

Hey! Already tried it in Incognito and the same issue persists. It only happens on Edge in Android. I’ve tested it on other android phones and tablets using Edge browser and it happens on all devices.

Also noticed that the problem occurs on several Ghost themes.

I’m facing the same issue too, it’s really frustrating because I only use Edge on my mobile.