Markdown link brackets are visible in excerpt card (Headline theme)

Hi there,
I’ve just updated to 5.0 and am really enjoying the new Headline theme. Unfortunately I’ve got some Markdown links which don’t display correctly on the home page.

For example, I’ve got my most recent post in the featured style at the top of the main content area. The excerpt ( shows the text of the link unstyled, followed by the URL in square brackets. The round brackets Markdown uses to indicate the link text aren’t appearing. An example:

the documentary The Bowraville Murders
[] at the cinema

The links appear correctly in the post itself, so it’s just the card or excerpt that’s the problem.

I don’t need the link to be clickable itself, since the whole card is a link to the post. But if I could remove the square bracket and URL part of it, that would be great.

If this is just a side-effect of having written the post in a previous version and I have to manually poke at it to fix them, I’m not going to be too mad because I haven’t got that many posts yet. Or if it’s a bug, I can post about it in that category instead. But if anyone can tell me how to fix this, that’d be great.


I’m having the same issue. Interestingly, it doesn’t happen on my local Ghost 5.20 install, but happens on the Ghost 5.20 blog I have hosted on Ghost Pro.

Is that a windows local install? There’s a bug preventing cards from showing up correctly.

My problem went away when I re-saved the affected files in the editor.