Live post shows "<!--kg-card-begin: markdown-->"; Ghost post does not

When I publish my post, markdown leaves the &lt;!--kg-card-begin: markdown--&gt; bit in the live version, but it isn’t visible in the ghost admin side… Any ideas why, and what I can do?

@Jomiro_Eming are you able to share a URL where you are seeing this? Which theme are you using?

HTML comments are added around all cards as of 2.16.0 but they should not be displayed anywhere.

@Jomiro_Eming it doesn’t look like you’re using a typical Ghost theme setup, how are you pulling the content into your site? If you are using a Ghost theme are you able to share the part of your template that is outputting the content portion of posts?

@Jomiro_Eming that’s not what I meant :slight_smile: The content in the editor isn’t relevant here. Can you show your post.hbs template file or describe how your site is pulling content from Ghost if you’re not using a standard theme?

We’re pulling it down from the API. I guess the main question would be “why this post”, and not all the others that we fetch and parse in the same way

@Jomiro_Eming the HTML comments are only added to newly created or re-saved posts which is why you’re only seeing it for this post.

Can you check your API response for that post to see if you’re seeing &lt; rather than < for the comments in the html field? If not then that points to a bug in your parsing/rendering step that’s incorrectly sanitising HTML comments and making them visible.

Thanks, that helps!

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