Mass delete Direct Linked Images from Import [markup]

Hi there fam,

New to Ghost. I pulled Medium into Wordpress, then pushed Wordpress to Ghost, and inside the markup there are a bajillion direct links to Medium images. I do not want this.

I thought WP would just import the images; I was very mistaken.

I have 86+ posts, and now I’m sitting here crying into the void.

I have DB Browser, and quite simply need to delete the information between tags, to remove all of these images from markup within the posts.

Does ANYONE have any idea how to do this? I’m way out of my depth :frowning:

Urgh that sucks. I have a solution for you but it does mean starting over.

We have a brand new (and therefore not yet documented) tool that will pull direct from a Medium export to Ghost. This tool handles images and internal links and well pretty much everything else.

So I’d suggest doing a medium export, and a fresh Ghost install and using the new tool.

The tool, along with very basic install and usage instructions can be found here:

Let me know if you need a hand using it.

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Sadly, I’m getting a permissions error…I think that’s a problem with my host. :confused:
I’ll try to solve this another way. Thanks for trying to help!

You should be able to install and run this locally, rather than on a server. Although it needs Node.js installed.

FWIW, once it’s installed, it’s really fast. Might be worth having a stab at it :wink: