"Maximum call stack size exceeded error" while uploading images

I am unable to upload images as it’s throwing this error when I try to. Please help.

Where are you uploading images? e.g. Inside the editor content? Feature images? Settings?

Is the error coming from the server or the browser?

Are you hosting with Ghost(Pro) or self-hosted? If you’re on Ghost(Pro) please email support@ghost.org.

I am uploading images inside the editor’s content and feature images. The error is coming from the server. It’s self-hosted.

To get quicker help you’ll need to provide a lot more information in your replies, no one can help if they don’t have details about what’s happening.

If it’s a server-side issue please share the full error logs. Also details on how you’ve got Ghost set up - did you use Ghost-CLI directly? Are you using Docker? Are you using a custom storage adapter?

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