Melbourne Ghostathon @ Framework, 21/08/19

Hello Ghost Forum folk,

Allan here, someone who is in no way affiliated with the Ghost team but who can claim to be the undisputed lurker here on this forum.

I do of course have a Ghost blog myself, and while writing away as usual I’m also currently in the process of migrating the blogs of a few colleagues of mine away from their current platforms over to Ghost. I started working on the migrations at a Melbourne WeWork location back in June (uh, no comment), but then transitioned in early-July to the fantastic coworking establishment Framework.

Along with all that I was just asked yesterday if I’d be interested in giving a talk about Ghost next week to some of the people here at Framework, to which I of course replied yes. Upon asking if I could extend the invitation to people on the Ghost Forum I was given the green light, so if there’s anybody out there in the Melbourne area who is perhaps new to Ghost and who would be interested in a half-decent walkthrough, please feel free to stop by.

Be aware though that I am in no way a qualified dev (I fortunately know enough HTML and CSS to customize themes) and have virtually no skills to brag about when it comes to the command line. I have however gleaned enough info over the past couple of years to the point that I can talk a bit about Ghost’s history and inception, about why you might want to use Ghost instead of WordPress or Medium, as well as relay a comprehensive explanation of how to use the platform and what it’s capable of (and soon to be capable of – memberships and subscriptions! ).

If any of that is of interest to you then be sure to stop by a bit before 4pm on Wednesday the 21st of August for the presentation of which I imagine to last about an hour or so.

Suite 1, Level 1
458 Swanston St, Carlton, VIC
03 9041 2118

If you plan on stopping by please RSVP to



I’m working on the official migration tools, and would loooooove to chat to you about your experiences :slight_smile:

If you’re game - DM me an email address :email:


Hello again Ghost Forum Folk,

As mentioned about a month and a half ago, I did a “Ghostathon” talk/presentation for some people at the co-working place I’m currently at, which I actually followed up with a second talk/presentation for those who couldn’t make it the first time around. Along with that, somebody here on the forum asked if I was going to make some kind of a recording, resulting in me putting together a screencast of it all.

The talk/presentation was put together for people who hadn’t ever heard of Ghost before, so it was by no means meant for those already familiar with the platform and its backstory. That being said, if you’re rather new to Ghost and haven’t really heard any of the several podcasts that John’s been on over the years (which is where I gleaned all the backstory stuff from) then perhaps it might be of interest to you.

Following the intro, it’s broken up into seven parts:

  1. Beginnings
  2. Business structure
  3. Other platforms
  4. Ghost today
  5. Overview via perusal of the Ghost website
  6. Tour of the UI/editor
  7. Future of Ghost (from what I’ve gleaned)

I lightly edited the whole thing, although I didn’t bother trying to take out the ridiculous amount of “umms” and “uhhs” (each of which make up about a quarter of the talk/presentation).

To go along with some “sneak previews” of blogs/publications I’ve been putting together for colleagues of mine (found in part 6), please do excuse the few screwups I made – such as accidentally saying “Ghost for Journalism platform” rather than “Ghost for Journalism project”, and I totally borked the dynamic routing bit.

Anyway, here it is for those inerested:

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