Unofficial Ghost Chat on Slack

I created an Unofficial Ghost Chat on Slack for anyone who is interested. This forum is very useful and helpful but sometimes it’s good to just be able to ask a very quick question or chat about something that doesn’t really deserve a forum post. I’d love to just have some friendly “water cooler chats” with other Ghost users and devs as well.

For anyone who is interested, here’s the invite link:

In case I haven’t already made it clear, this is an unofficial chat room. :smiley:


Great to see people already joining :blush:

Link doesn’t with for me.

It’s still working for others.

Just a FYI… you guys are aware there’s a Circle Forum too yeah?

I’m not familiar with Circle, but it seems to cost $39/month with no free tier? Who’s paying that? :rofl:

Anyway I think Slack is perfect for our unofficial “water cooler chat” at the moment.

But thanks for the heads up!

Does anybody know of a way to embed Slack messages into a webpage, like they’ve done here on NomadList? It would be great for non-members to be able to see the chat but then be able to participate after they’ve signed up.