Unofficial Ghost Chat on Slack

I created an Unofficial Ghost Chat on Slack for anyone who is interested. This forum is very useful and helpful but sometimes it’s good to just be able to ask a very quick question or chat about something that doesn’t really deserve a forum post. I’d love to just have some friendly “water cooler chats” with other Ghost users and devs as well.

For anyone who is interested, here’s the invite link: Slack

In case I haven’t already made it clear, this is an unofficial chat room. :smiley:


Great to see people already joining :blush:

Link doesn’t with for me.

It’s still working for others.

Just a FYI… you guys are aware there’s a Circle Forum too yeah?

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I’m not familiar with Circle, but it seems to cost $39/month with no free tier? Who’s paying that? :rofl:

Anyway I think Slack is perfect for our unofficial “water cooler chat” at the moment.

But thanks for the heads up!

Does anybody know of a way to embed Slack messages into a webpage, like they’ve done here on NomadList? It would be great for non-members to be able to see the chat but then be able to participate after they’ve signed up.

I’ve created channels in the Slack chat for people to provide feedback and suggestions to the developers of Aspire themes and Biron themes. These developers are active in the Slack group and very helpful so if anyone is using one of their themes or considering using one of their themes, you are welcome to join us there :slight_smile:

Wow, 25 days later, and I finally stumbled across your post. I should check this forum way more often. :joy:

The Ghost Circle forum that @colinchung mentioned is an invite-only community, mainly addressed to publishers. It’s for free, @DonaldH. I don’t see that this goes against your Slack channel in any way, it’s more of a complementary thing.

Thank you for putting up the Slack server. I’ll be sure to join.

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I totally agree. When I said that

I’m not familiar with Circle, but it seems to cost $39/month with no free tier? Who’s paying that?

I meant that, looking at the pricing page, it seems that whoever is hosting the group has to pay $39/month. But I can see that my my wording was ambiguous and it might have appeared as though I thought it was $39/month for anyone who wanted to join. :laughing:

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. If there are any other theme developers (or Ghost tool/add-on developers) who would like to have a channel on the Slack chat for feedback and suggestions related to their themes, please let me know and I’ll be happy to set it up for you :slight_smile:

Themeix is there ( )

I just checked and I can’t see you as a member in the Slack chat.

Editing to say that I may have misinterpreted you. Are you asking me to invite you? You can just click the link at the top of this post to join.

it shows, This link is no longer active

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Oh! Sorry, the link apparently expired after 30 days. Here is a new one. Thank you for letting me know. I can’t edit the original post unfortunately.

Nice! I joined the link at the very bottom of this post and am now apart of the Slack! Thanks for creating this, it’s an excellent idea for newbies like me!