Member API creation/editing


I saw from earlier posts that memberships were lightly integrated with the editor, so it was going to take some time to let folks create or edit members via the API. I just wanted to see if that was something still being considered.

This would enable some useful outside features such as paid memberships outside of stripe and more.


Member create/edit endpoints already exist on the Admin API but they are not documented as they are not yet considered stable. You’re still free to use them with the caveat that they may change in the future. They follow the same patterns as the other Admin API endpoints and you can inspect the network requests the admin app makes when working with members (the admin app uses the Admin API, everything that can be done there can be done by any API integration).

Our Zapier app also has member create and edit actions for easier integration, such as using PayPal or Patreon for member signups.

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Thanks Kevin. I filed this before we looked into the latest on the Admin API. This is fantastic and I appreciate the quick reply with multiple solutions. :boom: