Allow paywall/membership tiers without Stripe

I’m looking to build an integration to allow payments with other payment gateways (Instamojo, Coinbase Commerce, Paystack, Klarna etc.), for Ghost users that don’t have access to Stripe. Members are added using the Admin API.

I can create members using the API, but they are added with status “free” by default, and there’s no way to change that to “Paid” (what I can see at least).

Also, it seems as if you can’t create a Premium Plan if you don’t have Stripe connected, so you only have a free plan available.

Is it possible to have a paywall without Stripe connected (assuming that I’ll have a payment gateway integrated and using the API to add paid members)

Note: I see that the Zapier integration allows setting a “Complimentary premium plan” flag when creating a member with Zapier, but I can’t use it because I can’t create a Premium Plan without Stripe enabled.

Is there a way to set the status of the member to “paid” when creating a member using the API?

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I am surprised that this is not getting any more traction. I am trying to achieve the same as in my jurisdiction Stripe is not available.

It’s actually possible to add members to a paid plan without having stripe linked, using the API. They end up in a “added without stripe” plan, but it does behave like a paid plan. (I don’t think you can get multiple paid tiers this way, alas.)

If you’re using a different provider, you are pretty much going to need custom membership pages anyway, so this might not be a big deal.

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Is there any doc that describes the steps? I could not find anything unfortunately

I was hoping I could put my hands on the script I was using when I played with it. The downside of 2TB of storage and a million Ghost installs (ok, not a million, but more than 10?) is that sometimes finding things later is tough, and it was a bit of a throwaway.

So instead, let me tell you my trick for trying to do badly documented things with the API:
Do the desired action in the Admin portal, with dev tools open to the network tab. You’ll see exactly what calls it’s making. Do the same thing, just changing what you want to change. In this case, you’ll need to have Stripe hooked up (test mode works) to see how a complimentary account is set up.