Allow paywall/membership tiers without Stripe

I’m looking to build an integration to allow payments with other payment gateways (Instamojo, Coinbase Commerce, Paystack, Klarna etc.), for Ghost users that don’t have access to Stripe. Members are added using the Admin API.

I can create members using the API, but they are added with status “free” by default, and there’s no way to change that to “Paid” (what I can see at least).

Also, it seems as if you can’t create a Premium Plan if you don’t have Stripe connected, so you only have a free plan available.

Is it possible to have a paywall without Stripe connected (assuming that I’ll have a payment gateway integrated and using the API to add paid members)

Note: I see that the Zapier integration allows setting a “Complimentary premium plan” flag when creating a member with Zapier, but I can’t use it because I can’t create a Premium Plan without Stripe enabled.

Is there a way to set the status of the member to “paid” when creating a member using the API?