Member settings have disappeared from the Labs page

I have a site that I just installed on 3.25.0. I set up Mailgun and memberships and everything was running nicely, ready too launch.

When I went into the Ghost admin this morning I noticed that the Labs pages now doesn’t show the Members section (it did yesterday).

I updated to 3.26.1 just now to see if that would help, but the Member settings are still not there.

I also checked another site and I can see the same thing happening.

I know Members is a beta feature and could “inexplicably disappear at any time” but it’s super strange that this happened without me changing anything.

Anyone seeing the same thing?

Members settings are only visible to the Owner user - any chance you might be logged in as an admin?

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I realised this soon after I posted it. Confirmed by the site owner :slight_smile: