Members can use unlimited free trials?

I have been testing with using free trials. There seems to be a loophole though that nullifies purpose of this feature.

For example:

  1. Member signs up using a free trial offer
  2. Member cancels subscription
  3. Member repeats (1) after period has ended and cancelation is final

This way, members can access paid content for free for an unlimited period.

I cannot imagine that this feature was meant to work this way, so I may overlook something simple. Can anyone help me out?

My test case has been as follows:

  1. Sign up using a free trial
  2. Login and cancel subscription
  3. Bypass cancelation period by cancelling the subscription immediately in Stripe
  4. Resubscribe, using the free trial again

If a member cancels their subscription after signing up for your free trial, they will remain free members. If they tried to sign up for another free trial of your paid subscription, they’d have to use a different email address.

This is the standard way free trials for subscription products work. If you’re particularly worried about bad actors abusing your free trial, then the best solution is to not offer a free trial.

My 2 cents is that people generally aren’t going to go to the effort of subscribing and cancelling on repeat :slight_smile: