Members Only Resource - PDF, PPT etc

Currently, member only feature handles textual content really well. My question is

1- Is there a way to attach documents like PDF, .docs etc as part of the blogs.
2- If these are part of member only posts, then restrict it for only members to download. Reason being if a member gets the link and shares it in a forum.


Hey @Niion_Sports :wave:
File management is best done with tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox. You can upload files via themes and use the asset helper to link to them, however it’s not a very streamlined workflow.

I recently found out you can embed Google Drive folders directly into pages using the embed card. Very useful for presenting your files in a tidy fashion and allowing you to manage the structure directly in Google Drive. More info can be found here:

There’s only so much that can be done to restrict people other than your members from gaining access to your members only files. PDFs can be uploaded to other platforms just as easily as posting a link. However if they are documents you could add them to your site as posts and format them as documents :blush:

Hope this info helps!