Membership subscription picker doesn't work after migrating to new Stripe account

Hey everyone.
After few months of meditation I switched my ghost newsletter ( from US-based Stripe account to EU-based stripe account (I just changed company). So I finally migrated to new Stripe account (did migration via cancellation of existing memberships of members and “Disconnect” button in ghost admin UI).

Now when anyone tries to upgrade they see empty modal window with memberships with a “Choose plan” header:


I debug and see what JSON is passed from backed to the frontend:,yearly_price,benefits

and everything looks good (there are all existing membership tiers).

It’s a standard Casper 5.3.0 theme. And doesn’t upgrade a user…

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I’m getting the same issue. Did you manage to get this resolved?

Found the fix maybe it’ll help?

Here a short video:

Let me know :nerd_face::+1:

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@Kia thank you!!!

It worked!

Man, that’s unexpected complexity :slight_smile:

I appreciate, now subscriptions work!

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Awesome! Glad it helped :nerd_face::+1:

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Now I understand why it happened

Given change of stripe account plus change from USD to EUR, these default checkboxes disappeared, and given the mechanics, I encountered this :slight_smile:

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