Issue with Stripe plans on Ghost Labs


Since the last version (3.22.0) of Ghost, it’s impossible to edit Stripe plan after signed in with Stripe.

Subscription pricing and plan currency are empty.

Maybe this error could you help :confused:

[2020-07-01 14:28:10] ERROR

MESSAGE: Cannot read property ‘interval’ of null

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘interval’ of null
at getPlanHashSeed (/var/www/ghost/versions/3.22.0/node_modules/@tryghost/members-api/lib/stripe/api/plans.js:13:30)
at Object.ensure (/var/www/ghost/versions/3.22.0/node_modules/@tryghost/members-api/lib/stripe/api/createDeterministicApi.js:64:36)
at StripePaymentProcessor._configure (/var/www/ghost/versions/3.22.0/node_modules/@tryghost/members-api/lib/stripe/index.js:49:46)

[2020-07-01 14:28:12] WARN Cookie ghost-members-ssr not found


Hey @pirmax :wave:
Would you mind trying to restart Ghost and reloading Ghost admin?

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I’ve already restart Ghost. And already same issue.

Hey! You should have all your settings in the backup file Ghost made before the migrations (in ./content/data)

We weren’t able to reliably reproduce this locally, but believe it may have been related to a settings cache issue, if you roll back and restore your settings, you should be able to upgrade to the latest release 3.22.1.

If you continue to have issues, it would be great to get some more information about your install/data to try and reproduce locally

I exported my production data locally, and I also have the same problem.

Page :

Would you be able to share your members_subscription_settings prior to running the migration, to help us debug further?

Please make sure to redact your secret token before sharing though