Membership tiers?

Not yet, unfortunately :frowning_face:. Right now we’re just using PayPal recurring payments and adding on the Members manually. It’s not really integrated into the website.

We’ll probably revisit it at some point, but pretty caught up with other things at the moment. I’d be interested in hearing about other options too.

Wondering if there are any updates on this? I’m about to launch a Patreon-style model for some of my game development work, and would rather not use something like Patreon for a variety of reasons.

If this isn’t on the immediate roadmap, I thought I might investigate implementing it myself. Seems like it’d involve:

  • Branching the existing single-plan database schema, preserving current data as the first plan.
  • Supporting adding separate plans/prices in the admin interface. Maybe give each a level based on order, and gate content based on whether the plan level is high enough. Though maybe there are other use cases that aren’t tier-based, like treating each plan as separate and requiring content be gated via more complex conditional logic.
  • Add helpers in the router/templates to support content-gating.

This is valuable enough to me that I’d be willing to sink some time into making it happen, but is there enough of a framework for these sorts of community contributions? Or is the main development driven by Ghost employees? I wouldn’t want to push ahead with this and have a PR rejected because it doesn’t fit the roadmap. Or maybe this is already on the near-term roadmap and I shouldn’t investigate?

Also, is this something doable in the context of a single site? My Ghost installation has an apps/ folder, but I can’t figure out what these apps are. “ghost apps” isn’t particularly searchable, either. :slight_smile: Looks like these may have been a failed experiment, but I’m not entirely sure.



Still wondering about Membership tiers as well. Is there a plan for various members through Portal? Has anyone found workable ways to personalize the code to allow for multiple tiered memberships?

I would love to use Ghost instead of Patreon or other membership systems.


I’m also curious if there is a roadmap for this

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+1 for membership tiers, otherwise will have to use WP.