Add new membership plans

Hi all,

It would be great if we could add new membership plans right from the admin panel. Indeed, to bypass the limit of 3 plans (Monthly, Yearly, Complimentary) I’m currently updating the database with new plans like this :

UPDATE settings SET settings.value='[{"name":"Monthly","currency":"eur","interval":"month","amount":1990},{"name":"Partnership","currency":"eur","interval":"year","amount":1990},{"name":"Yearly","currency":"eur","interval":"year","amount":19900},{"name":"Complimentary","currency":"eur","interval":"year","amount":0}]' WHERE key LIKE 'stripe_plans';

As of today it’s working fine and I can create plan with this code snippet :

<a class="button primary header-cta" href="javascript:" data-members-plan="Partnership"></a>

However, a native integration would be better.

This looks to be a duplicate of Membership tiers? - can you confirm?