Migrate my website

HI i want to migrate my website from WordPress to Ghost without losing my ranking. how can i migrate kindly guide me.
my website : https://bestplatecarriers.com/

What do you mean by your ranking? SEO Ranking?

This is what I used recently to migrate maybe 10 years of WP posts over: Official guide: How to migrate from WordPress to Ghost.

If you want to maintain your URI you may need to mess around with the routes.yml for example if all your WP posts are in /blog/ you’ll want to update the routing to match your current website, but otherwise it’s pretty trivial.

One warning i would add, if the datadump is too large I’ve gotten quirks with the Ghost import.

Hope this helps!

If you want to move to Ghost Pro, the Ghost team will migrate the site for free for you.

You can also ask Dan @ https://gloat.dev/ to help with the migration (they have paid services).


Like how many posts?