If I contract a paid service, can Ghost migrate my website?

Hi guys,

I have several websites in WordPress, but I always wonder which theme will be faster in mobile, because WordPress is really heavy.

I just happened to stumble across Ghost and wow, this sounds exciting.

But before I migrate my home page (+500,000 monthly visits), I’d like to try some of my secondary pages (+/- 15,000 monthly mivists).

My question is How do I migrate from WordPress to Ghost? I’d like everything to be less like it is, but with Ghost.

I wouldn’t want to have to reconfigure all the seo manually (I currently use Yoast by seo), I wouldn’t want to have to reopen each post with its highlighted image, etc…

So is there an easy way to migrate from WP to Ghost? Can the Ghost team do this for me if I contract a payment plan?

Thanks, Jose

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Howdy :wave:
Thanks so much for the positivity about Ghost :rainbow:. I’d recommend starting a free trial to check out Ghost itself and speak to our support team about large scale migrations:

If you’re looking at a self-hosted version then we’ve got lots of documentation and tooling for moving over:

We’ve also got some great tooling around SEO. You can read up about some of it here along with the differences between Ghost and WordPress:

I hope this has shed a bit of light on things, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask more questions :smile:


Hi DavidDarnes,

Thank you for your help. However, I’ve been reading and it seems that the migration program only works with version 1.0 and you have to download locally, then export categories like tags, etc… Honestly, all this is too much trouble for me.

I have knowledge of WP, but not of programming. I’ve started to see all the tutorials and I think it’s impossible for someone like me to do a migration, without problems.

I really want to try Ghost, but I think it’s still in the development process and it’s complex for people like me, with no knowledge and no free time.

I want to ask, is it possible for someone to do the migration for me? Obviously I can pay for it.

I’m so eager to see how Ghost works, and see its benefits, that I don’t mind paying someone to migrate one of my secondary websites. And to be able to see how it works with Ghost.

I would even like to have an app, I see that there is also that option.

Thanks, Jose

No problem!

I really think you should at least sign up for a trial of Ghost(Pro) just to see how you find it and whether it’s the right platform for you. It’s best to give it a go before addressing migrations etc

Yeah, I think it’ll be a good idea. I will use the Basic plan to try a few days, if all is well, I will ask you for help to migrate a small site. I will try it 2/4 months and if all is well, I will migrate my main website.

I have two doubts:

  1. When I hire a plan (basic/standar/business), do I have a dedicated ip?
  2. My principal website has 600.000 / 700.000 monthly visits Can I use the standard plan? The Business plan is a bit expensive for my budget.

If you’re concerned about the amount of traffic you’ll receive you could use a self-hosted version on Digital Ocean for example

And, this?

  1. When I hire a plan (basic/standar/business), do I have a dedicated ip?
  2. My principal website has 600.000 / 700.000 monthly visits Can I use the standard plan? The Business plan is a bit expensive for my budget

Can I see any samples of webs with Ghost?

  1. If you’re worried about uptime we use a global CDN which uses hundreds of IPs
  2. Standard plan covers up to 500,000 page views a month

We’ve got lots of example right here:

That’s great to hear! As I mentioned before, there’s a step by step guide in our docs on how to migrate to Ghost:

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Yes, but I don’t know how to install ghost 1 on local. I’ve installed node and everything, but this is new to me. Here I get stuck.

Ok, Im finish :slight_smile:

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