Migrating Blog to Subdirectory of Landing Page

Hi there,

I’m self-hosting Bitnami Ghost v5.51.1 on AWS Lightsail. While trying to migrate the blog from a subdomain to a subdirectory, I’ve configured cloudfront so that the blog can be accessed here:

I’ve updated my config.production.json with the new url (not using the domain yet) and updated the images path in the database using the steps outlined from this post ( Rebuild image links after moving from subdomain to subdirectory )

When I try to log in using the admin page ( Ghost Admin ), I get redirected back to (Ghost Admin).

What else needs to be changed to get this working?

Hi all,
I ended up solving this problem by creating a new Lightsail instance and exporting/importing my data:

  • my theme
  • blog content
  • images directory

I also took this opportunity to update to the latest ghost blog version. All is good now.

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This happened to me also, I am stuck on the admin login page now. I created new instance but thats exactly the same thing, nothing changed. Can you share the detail how you creatied the new instance?

Hi Jun,
I created a new lightsail ghost instance, configured it and made sure it was working ok, and then exported everything from the old instance and imported them to the new instance. I also had to copied over the images directory and update the links manually instead of messing with the database. I can share my notes if you DM me.

Hi Rei,

Thank you for your help, I finally identified my issues. I am hosting my vuejs webapp on cloudfront and ghost was host under /blog subdirectory. The issue is that I customized a 403 error page response for my webapp, which applied to the api call every time when I visit the ghost admin login page and somehow preventing me login to the dashboard. I was struggling here for last 2 days :frowning:

I really like your blog theme, especially the table of content feature, did you customized it or it comes with the theme? What theme are you using? If you customized the ToC feature, can you please share it with me?

Thank you so much.

Glad you were able to figure it out! I totally understand spending days on some problem as I’ve done the same. :joy:

I found a theme that already had built in TOC so I wouldn’t have to customize it too much. Here’s the theme I used: Firma