Migrating my ghost members from one stripe account to another

Hey, community.
I run my membership blog https://uklad.vc connected to my community with Ghost.
I incorporated a separate company for various business reasons to run this community.

So now I have two Stripe accounts - and old one (Company A), and new one, empty (Company B). Company A’s stripe must remain for other projects (a separate SaaS product), so switching the first Stripe account from Co. A to Co. B isn’t an option.

How do I migrate my subscribers to a new Stripe account without disrupting their memberships (existing subscribers)? Did anyone do that?

I know there’s a way to export/import stripe customers to another stripe account, but haven’t seen manuals connected to ghost.

Or do I just export from A and import to B and then switch Stripe connection in my Ghost blog from A to B?

Any advice will be appreciated!

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