If I add a member / customer is stripe, will my connected website add them as a member?

I have a group of subscribers that I want to migrate over to my new platform (coming to ghost from another site). Is it possible to manually add or somehow import them into the stripe account connected to my ghost website and if I do, will the ghost website then recognize them as a paid member? Like, does the ghost database update from Stripe if it finds a paid customer in stripe not currently in the database?

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I’ve been trying to import subscribers via Zapier/ghost/stripe for about 15 hours and can’t find anything close to an easy way.

I tried what you asked about and it didn’t seem to work. even adding the same user email to ghost and stripe at the same time, one after the other etc.

I’m working on it more today.

You need to import them into ghost with their Stripe subscriber ID included in the import file.

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Thanks, I had completely forgotten about importing with CSV. The first time I looked at it I didn’t know anything about stripe so it didn’t occur to me.

Ghost support reminded me of the CSV import early this morning before I saw this. But thanks for reminding me, regardless.

I ended up using zap to import about 30 contacts from a google sheet into Stripe, then add the newly generated stripe ID for each subscriber to that same google sheet in the corresponding row.

Then I moved those results into the ghost csv format and tested one. It worked as much as it could. it connected to the corresponding account in stripe and I can add “subscriptions” from there.

The real problem is getting stripe to match the existing billing cycle for each customer. I can do it manually, but Zap doesnt have a function for dates for Stripe. It exists in the API, but its not a Zap option yet.

So I’m stuck at this point.