Migrating via 301s

Hi there!

I’m trying to understand the correct way to handle 301s for a migration of a SUBDOMAIN.

I have:

  • notes.replicatecodex. com (this is the blog and the custom subdomain, hosted on ghost)

  • replicatecodex. com

I need to 301 all of these to a new domain:

  • notes.replicatecodex. com → notes.aimodelslist. com (same for all its paths)

  • replicatecodex. com → aimodelslist. com (same for all its paths)

I am using Google domains. It allows me to set 1 forwarding rule only. I cannot set 2.

So, I can set a rule that says 301 replicatecodex. com → aimodelslist. com … That works fine, I’ve tested it. It also perfectly handles path forwarding.

But I cannot also set a 301 notes.replicatecodex. com → notes.aimodelslist. com in google domains, because I can only set one forwarding rule.

How do I achieve this for the subdomain? I want to perfectly handle all paths and 301 all content from notes.replicatecodex. com → notes.aimodelslist. com … what is the proper way to do this?

Sorry for the weird .com spacing, the forum interprets my URLs as spam

Are you simply changing the domain names of the existing Ghost sites? If so, all you need to do is add DNS records for the new domains that point to the same origin server, and then update your Ghost config.

Next, create new servers in Nginx for the old domains, and simply setup server blocks to redirect all requests to the new domains.

Finally, in Google Search Console, use the Change of Address tool to move your search results.

Incidentally, use back ticks or the preformatted text icon in the editor to ensure URLs aren’t converted to links.