Modify Navigation links in gh-head-actions of London theme

I somehow added navigation links next to the search on the top right in the .gh-head-actions section, and I can’t figure out how to now edit/remove them. I’m using the London theme and I can’t find anything in my code-injection which alters this, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t modified any of the .hbs files.

Hey MrTomahawk, welcome to Ghost!

If your site is live somewhere, it’d be helpful to see it! :) Often it’s a lot easier to find a problem working from the site itself rather than a description.

Many themes change what’s over in the actions section depending on whether the user is logged in or not - is that possibly what you’re seeing?

Another possibility is that these are navigation links set up in /ghost > settings, but I think those show up on the left in London…

You are correct that the “navigation” links to the left in London. Here’s the site, and I’m trying to remove the Facebook/Twitter links on the right.

Ah. Easy to hide them. In your header code injection:

a[title="Facebook"], a[title="Twitter"] {
    display: none;