Move to Ghost from Wordpress facing big issues

Hello, am moving from Wordpress i have over 100k posts there, and now am facing a big challenge am using Wordpress in Arabic website all the posts slug in Arabic like this :بسم-الله-الرحمن-الرحيم

how to avoid a broken links and avoid any SEO issues after migration,

Also one more issue i have in media folder too many images the size more than 60GB when trying to export Wordpress content to Ghost throw the Ghost plugin am run into server issue is there any other solution to migrate the old posts with the old images.

Thank you

Hey @MohmmedAshraf :wave:,
I think you’ll need to escape the Arabic characters in your URLs to ensure they migrate safely. Regardless of the platform, special characters in URLs can cause a lot of issues.

If you have a large image directory you’ll be better off going into your server and dropping the images into the content directory of your Ghost installation :+1:

Hey @DavidDarnes,

Thank you for reply but this not the answer i looking for, as i said already i will avoid Arabic urls but how can i really handle this without losing my website rank and the broken links, also there no way to migrate this amount of posts anyways that plugin provided by Ghost itself throw an error and make the server go down when trying to export all content as json file.

I’m not sure you understood my post. The Arabic used in the post URLs need to be escaped before exporting them from WordPress. You’ll need to create a list of these URLs before converting them and then use that list to create redirects in Ghost. This preparation work needs to be done in your WordPress install before exporting as a Ghost compatible export

I have yet to speak to anyone that manages to get Wordpress plugin to work, always times out. JSON export doesn’t contain images so its a massive pain unfortunately. I almost gave up when importing less than 500, so I don’t envy your job.

Wish I could help more.