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I’m a ghost beginner, coming from the Drupal world as a professional Drupal developer. So i’m starting getting to know ghost that i decided to use for my family’s personal blog.
Was writing my second post when i found myself thinking is there a way to move around a block of text after an image in a blog post, or swapping two images? looks like there’s not? am i missing anything?



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All good. You an add / edit / delete / rearrange quite blocks easily that way.

I saw this thread pop up also so it might be worth looking into a more comprehensive onboarding on editing.

ehm, sorry… how do i do that?

Do you have a link to some docs or something, please?

on i can’t see anything about editing content…


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Everything about the new Keonig editor is here ✨ Koenig Editor - Beta Release

i’m sorry again… i can’t find what i’m looking for.

Maybe i haven’t explained the issue enough. Is there a way of switching place of two card images?
let’s say i have an image with a tree, one with an house and i’d like to have the house first and the tree after…


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@fede-green drag-and-drop re-ordering of cards is not implemented yet. You can however cut and paste sections of the document to re-order them.

Click on the image card to select it, press Ctrl/Cmd+X to cut it, move the cursor to where you want the image to be and press Ctrl/Cmd+V to paste the image back in.

thanks a lot! works great!! :slight_smile:

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Quick update for anyone finding this via search, drag-and-drop re-ordering of cards was released in Ghost 2.9.0.

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