Moving from self-hosted to ghost-hosted

I have an out-dated ghost installation for my website.
I got a couple of emails warning me that my installation is out of date.
I tried upgrading but the upgrade failed.

I am thinking of moving my blog to being hosted by
I can figure out the DNS stuff etc,. but does someone have access to a guide or similar for exporting one’s blog from self-hosted (including images) and importing it to a new hosted instance?

I understand that I can export the posts as JSON, but it doesn’t grab the images.

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Legend! Thank you. My google-foo failed me on this one. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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Ok. I am in a catch 22.
My blog is stuck on V4 because V5 needs Node 18 which can’t run on Ubuntu 18.

So I can try to update ubuntu on my server and hope nothing breaks and that it doesn’t lock me out.

In the meantime I have generated a backup zip file. But it is almost 500MB and the Ghost Unversal import doesn’t seem to want to take the upload.

I assume that I need to update it to V5 to be able to generate an export that the Ghost hosted version will ingest?

Any suggestions on how to get out of this scenario?
I am also thinking that I could install ghost 4 locally on a Ubuntu 20 VM, Import my blog and then upgrade it to 5 to export it properly. But that seems like a long process.

Ok. Looks like it was user error.
I was using the backup zip file generated by the CLI.

I am following instructions now to use the UI for most of the data and the terminal for the images.


Ok. It worked.

Thanks again.