How to migrate with Ghost Pro to self-hosting

Hello. My website was on Ghost Pro, but recently I lost the opportunity to pay this tariff. Now I need to move the site from Ghost Pro to self-hosting. The guys from Ghost Pro sent me an archive of my site with a content folder, a database backup and json files. Is there any instructions for migrating from Ghost Pro to self-hosting?

Not sure about instructions but this what I would do:

  1. Setup ghost local installation, I’d recommend docker. Create a dummy account you can delete letter.
  2. Setting->labs upload routes.yaml, redirect.Jason
  3. Delete all content, upload post back up.json
  4. If any images are missing you may need to copy them to content/images you where your ghost installation is located.
  5. Settings->design-> change theme->upload theme and activate your favorite theme you were using.
  6. Load page and see what broke.