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I currently have a news/magazine site on Wordpress and I thinking of moving to Ghost. I’ve read the migration post but what happens to comments and attachments that aren’t migrated?

Also how are page/post redirects handled?

I think the pro option is well priced considering what we pay for hosting right now.

Any comments/suggestions would be helpful.

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You can check my experience and the issues I ran into with some solutions to some of your questions here:

I have the same issue. It is not clear for me how comments are migrated to disqus as most of my commenters does not have disqus account and I can not push them to have it.
And the export plugin failed for my case, unfortunately.

Thanks. I’ve read a couple of your posts which have been helpful.

We have a big news site to move but we have 3 months so it’s not a big rush right now so will do some tests on a development site.

You have to first integrate Disqus on your WP site with this plugin (it can export your WP comments to Disqus): Disqus Comment System – WordPress plugin |

Then you need to follow these steps to add Disqus comments to your Ghost blog:

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