Mulish font not working for Edition theme

Hello @minimaluminium, I thought I’d @ you since you’re the creator of these themes.

I’m working on adapting the Edition theme for a site I’m putting together, which I’d originally utilized the Dawn theme for. (I’d actually customized Dawn with a full-screen splash page/cover, à la Edition, before I realized Edition existed :sweat_smile:.)

Anyway, I noticed that although their font setup is the same, the Mulish font doesn’t appear to be working for Edition. Although I can’t claim to have done a thorough inspection, my cursory look-through didn’t reveal any anomalies.

Would this non-usage of Mulish in Edition be by design, or might there be some kind of bug going on?


Hi @Stromfeldt, glad you found Edition before making any further customizations :sweat_smile:

Do you have any live link where I can take a look at?

The font declaration is same for both Dawn and Edition, so there shouldn’t be any difference. Do you still see the bug on Edition’s demo site?

Hey Sodbileg, sorry about that, I should have tried things out in other browsers as well as in Firefox’s Private mode. I just found out that Mulish does in fact work on Edition in other browsers and in Firefox’s Private mode, but not in a regular Firefox window (even after clearing the cache). That’s not only for my brand new install of Edition, but also the demo as well as several instances/usages of Edition that I’ve come across via people sharing their sites on the Forum and Twitter.


I’ll see what happens when I try things out on somebody else’s computer that has Firefox.

I’m using Firefox 88 on MacOS 10.15.6.

Hey there. I’ve just tested Edition on Firefox 88 macOS, and the font gets loaded without any issue there as well. Could there be any extension that might be blocking Google Fonts on your Firefox?

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Ah geez, really sorry about that, you were totally right. An extension was the last thing on my mind, but with your tip-off I quickly found out that the culprit was the LocalCDN extension. Moreover, looking at the list of sites I’d previously white-listed I noticed that I’d apparently white-listed the demo site for Dawn (months ago, I presume), which is what was throwing me off. Thanks again, that conflict would have driven me nuts (as I likely wouldn’t have clued into it for some time).

Otherwise, thanks for your excellent themes. When the time comes I’ll also be utilizing your wonderfully designed Wave theme for a colleague’s podcast :slight_smile:

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Ooh, that makes sense, glad to hear that it was something simple :raised_hands:. Looking forward to that podcast site :slightly_smiling_face: