Multi Language Content - SEO

Hi, I want to make my blog multilingual, I’m reading this tutorial

I have two questions:

  • about point 2 of the tutorial:
    what difference is there in using block and contentFor instead of just adding the language variable in the html tag?
    I didn’t understand what is meant by “customise this value for each of your languages”
    Why create blocks instead of the simple variable in the html tag?
    I use the custom lyra theme, should I use these blocks?

  • The second question concerns point 3 of the tutorial:
    Considering that I have a post in English, I create another with the same text translated into Spanish, I add the tag #es, now I go back to the post in the English language and in code injection I add the link tag with rel="alternate", if I have other translations of the same post, do I have to add other links with rel="alternate" always in the post in English?

someone who can give me some clarification?

If I may add, were does Ghost stands in providing native support to RTL languages (right-to-left) such as Arabic, Hebrew etc. as the latest post I’ve found was in 2018

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