Multi-language content

I’m looking at the tutorial for creating multi-language content.

I understand how to configure collections and routes for each language. However, what about the navigation menu content, that will also need to be different for each language. Should I change the Navigation Helper or is there an elegant way to do it?

Many thanks.

It seems to me that writing a custom navigation.hbs seems to be the solution.

The more I think about it, the less that whole tutorial makes sense to me. Using collections to partition posts by language breaks all the rules Ghost has set up internally … on home, author, tags etc. It probably makes more sense to keep the Ghost structure, tag by language and filter on those tags.

The only use case I can think of that makes sense with the approach from the tutorial is building a site e.g. in English with links to pages in other languages in the navigation menu. That’s neither a frequent nor a useful use case.