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It’s not clear if I can use the multilingual setting as described here on

I need an easy to manage multilingual blog, and I want to be sure I don’t need to install Ghost on my own servers to make the multilingual setting to work.

Thanks for your help!

The way I understand it, you would customize a theme and then you could upload it to Ghost, even if it is not installed on your own server.

However, I’m still struggling with how to build a multilingual blog with the settings as described. The navigation part is unclear. You can easily make a button to take you to your translation, but the navigation menu remains the same. An idea was floated to use the alternative navigation for one additional language, but this also has it’s problems.

Let’s hope someone helps us out …

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There are two main aspects which are explained in the tutorial you linked to:

  • Site language: The site language setting is for setting a single language for the site site. If you’re writing in french then the value would be fr . This is will be reflected in the lang attribute in the HTML code. Additionally, themes can hook into this value and change parts of it’s UI labelling to work with different languages. This is mainly used for UI such as pagination and static headings in the theme. You can find about theme translations here:
  • Multi-language content: This is the main purpose of the tutorial, using collections and filters to group content by the language it’s written in. Tackling multi-language sites, no matter the size, isn’t a trivial task and should be approached with extra consideration :+1:
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Ok thanks, will consider it and test it first before putting my website on it :ok_hand:

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