Multi Level Lists in Post

For now there is no way to creat multi level lists in the Koenig Editor.

How are other Bloger dealing with this or creating one more themselves?

One way I can think of is Markdown or HTML Card.

Is this gonna be implemented in futur in the Editor?

Sounds like the most manageable way to work with nested lists is with markdown, or HTML cards.

Though now I’m wondering what you’re using them for? :blush:

There are many cases; though the latest one is where I was writing a post where I needed action points for some primary reasons to change my decision on Yarn or Npm and could not make lists anymore.

Then I had to stick to small paragraphs.

Going to Markdown or HTML cards felt like a side stream in writing experience.

To be honest the way you’ve broken down your sections I find more digestible than nested lists :blush:

Thanks, I had to improvise.

I checked Mobiledoc-kit as well and such feature does not exist. Maybe that would be a better place to initiate the discussion for multi level lists.