Ghost's Koenig Editor for HTML Generation

This is a pretty intense one so please bear with me.

I love the Koenig Editor which Ghost Admin provides me with. It’s sleek and hot af, especially due to it’s minimalist design. Recently, I have been doing a project which requires a cool editor with Markdown, Images and Services like Twitter/YouTube embedding support and I was wondering why not use the stylesheet and functionality of the Koenig Editor.

All I need is the Koenig Editor generating the HTML markup which Ghost uses internally. I have started looking into the Ghost’s Admin Repository. It seems like there are two main files here - vendor.js and ghost.js both of which are pretty much 25-30K lines of code which seems very hard to parse.

I was wondering if there was already a markup available for just the Koenig Editor with no ties with Ghost’s Admin? Maybe it was present in an old commit or so?

I have been struggling with this for days now; can someone please help me here?

[PS - The Koenig Editor is present under lib of Ghost Admin, here’s the link - ]

@Sandipan_Dey Koenig is based off of mobiledoc-kit which is a library of building blocks for an editor and uses the mobiledoc format. It doesn’t use HTML under the hood, but rather when HTML output is needed the base mobiledoc format is rendered to HTML, passing off card-specific rendering to custom card renderers (you can see Ghost’s ones here)

The editor itself is tightly coupled with Ghost-Admin because it re-uses a lot of it’s functionality for handling things like images etc and all of the editor components are built using Ember.js. It was built on top of Ghost-Admin, there’s no “standalone” version available.