Multiple blogging in 1 instance but 1 for main

im trying to make another blog for many sub blog under 1 domain and raspberry pi

for main blog,
and sub blogs for, 4, 5…

i installed main at /var/www
installed first sub blog at /var/www/example3

completely installed and both ghost started
but when i try to connect ~~~/example3 or ~~~/example3/ghost to admin
it display 404 page by main blog

i read the post

that says edit yaml will solve this problem but im not developer so i feel hard how to edit this thing

i tried my best to search it, but failed
can anyone help me how to do this?

Hey @chocosobo :wave:

If you list what you’re trying to do, someone might provide you with an example routes.yml file you can use.

The Ghost Docs are a great place to start if you’re trying to understand what the routes.yml is used for and how to configure it with lots of examples!

is it right to add ‘/example3/:’ under ‘/:’ in collection?

There are many ways to use Ghost… so the answer depends on what you are trying to do.

Here are some ways you can install Ghost:

  1. ONE Ghost with MANY Authors - you set up one GHOST and invite many Authors to join, they can each write their articles. You set up page to list all your Authors, and they each have, - which index the articles for each Author.
  2. ONE Ghost with MANY COLLECTIONS of articles - you set up ONE Ghost and then configure routes.yaml to split your articles into collections, e.g. www.myblog/collection2/ - you need to manage your primary_tags for this to work properly.
  3. MANY GHOSTS - you set up MANY GHOSTS on different domains -,, - and of course you need to manage your DNS and your SSL certificates

So you can set up Ghost in any of these ways - depending on what you are trying to do…

You can try to setup ONE DOMAIN with MANY GHOSTs - but this will be difficult. You could set up your folders like this:

/var/www/      - GHOST on port XXX
/var/www/ - GHOST on port YYY
/var/www/ - GHOST on port ZZZ

In this case, each GHOST has its own installation folder, port and configuration - they are completely separate. You will have to set the correct config.production.json URL so Ghost knows where it is installed.

You will also need good understanding of your web-server configuration to map handling of each folder to the correct GHOST port.

I would guess that the ghost-cli will have problems with this setup - for example when attempting to set up LetsEncrypt certificates for the domain etc. so you will probably have to manage your own certbot certificate renewal.

I once tried to mix Ghost and an Online Shop as sub-folders under a single-domain, and gave up after a couple of days.

If you get this to work, you should publish an article - as its a complex task, and I’d be interested in the details :slight_smile:

ok, I tried my best but I also give it up
it would better to have multiple ghost under
and static page on www/ as root page and some at sub-folders

I heard that ghost is not for multisite or things and no plans for that
so I think it’s best way for none-dev person like me

Why don’t you try Option 1 above? It is the easiest and simplest.

Many Authors can share one Ghost blog installation.

Even after they have written many articles, you can later make Collections as per Option 2, to split the site into myblog/blog1, myblog/blog2 etc.

actually its only posted by me
an game wiki-like things in my language
building site on 1 ghost per game and export them into archive when game is dead

due to lack of my developement skill, installing multiple ghost is ezst way for maintaining for me

but some day, I hope I could try multi author as per game and do things with that

thanks for your help jeff