How can I use one single ghost instance to support multiple blogs at the same time ?

Ghost is one of the best blogging platform I have encountered recently.

I have a query on something i don’t know how to achieve.

Suppose I have a domain / website

I want to have multiple blogs under this website using the ghost platform
Example : would redirect to news blog would redirect to health blog

I want to segregate blogs according to the topics/domains.

I want to achieve this using a single ghost instance server, one mysql DB and every domain/topic will have its own admin site
( redirects to news admin and redirects to health admin site)

Initially users can be global, but moving forward I would like to have user segregation as well.
News bloggers have access only to news blog admin to post

I’m thinking something like a multi-tenancy architecture.

Could you please help me out in this ???

The best way to achieve this would be by using Ghost as a Headless CMS, which would let you manage multiple sites with a single install of Ghost. It’s an extremely powerful method of feeding content into a site. More info can be found on this topic response: