Multiple membership plans

I am trying to use the membership feature in Ghost. And I was wondering is the number of membership levels you can offer your customers based on the themes? I am playing around with Ghost at the moment and I have the default theme, and it looks like I can only add one membership level unless I customize the theme. Is this correct?

So, if I get a theme like this one will it mean that I will be able to add multiple membership levels in my settings?

If anyone knows could you please let me know? Thank you.

Currently there’s just the monthly/yearly option available, although it does seem as if tiers will one day be an option. See the following thread:

@Stromfeldt thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Let me just double check or sanity check this. I may be having a stupid day. Are you saying that at this moment in time I cannot have membership plans like this on my Ghost website:
Bronze Plan: $10 per Month
Silver Plan: $20 per Month
Gold Plan: $30 per Month

Are you saying it has to be one level membership plan which is either monthly or annual payment? So, even if my payment company (Stripe) supports multiple subscription levels, Ghost at this moment doesn’t support it, correct?

Please clarify. And thank you again.

Correct, you currently can not do the Bronze / Silver / Gold setup. According to John’s Tweet linked to in that thread the functionality will be coming, although I have no idea about the timing or how it will work.

That all being said, you can currently hook up Ghost to Patreon with Zapier for something somewhat similar:

Thank you so much.
I came to Ghost for the beauty in simplicity :slight_smile:
If I am going to start connecting Ghost to this and that, then I might as well stick with WP.
I had decided to move a second website to Ghost. But your answer has just reversed that decision. I will just have to wait until this feature comes along.

I would suggest in your case to make the Bronze plan free, the silver plan the monthly fee and the gold plan the yearly one and adjust the features accordingly. As @Stromfeldt said, there’s no clear timeline but so far the fuctionality works like a charm.

This is my current setup using Maido:

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Hi Greg, thats a very good idea. I am trying to wrap my head around that. I think that could work :slight_smile:

Is Ghost Patrol your website? I have visited it before.

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Hi Ryan,

Yes, i own Ghost Portal. Anything that you need, just let me know. I try to publish regularly useful content for anyone loving Ghost.

You have a good site. I’ll probably be in touch at some point soon. Let me get the initial set up done. Thank you.

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I’ll be waiting. Wishing you the best!

Thanks for the feedback

Hi Greg, Is the search function not working on your website? Or is the theme just like that?