Lifetime Membership Level


I’m starting a membership program and want the following Tiers:


The lifetime level will include a very desirable reward to my user base and is pretty essential to how I want to design my membership program. It seems expensive, but I’m sure it’ll work for my specific userbase.

It does not seem this is possible with ghost at the moment. Maybe with the Tiers promised for version 4.0 that I see mentioned in similar threads.

I’m wondering if I’m just missing something or maybe there is a hack to make this work or maybe I just have to wait.

I really want to use ghost for this platform so hoping there is an option.

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I’ve been digging into this this afternoon and the workaround I’ve found is that I could offer Lifetime Access if people get in touch with me and then give them a complimentary account manually. Not the best solution ever, but will get me up and running.

Does anyone know of another way?

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There might be a way to do this as a bit of a hack.

Have you looked promotion codes in the stripe backend and sharing that code (say LIFETIME) with your audience that could be a a) one time payment upfront for 5-10 years b) with significant discount.

I’m also interested, and I also think separate communication w the user is necessary

Maybe first assign to complimentary plan via ghost (which creates the stripe user), then assign to the custom (ie lifetime in this case) subscription within stripe? Is there a simpler workflow?

Yes, I agree that at the moment separate communication will be necessary. My workflow will be as @os72 wrote, create the complimentary user in ghost, or else mark their membership as complimentary and then take the payment separately via whatever I end up using.

For my use I will probably limit lifetime members to 5 a year and so this will be easy to keep on top off. The lifetime membership will have a very tangible perk as well which will require much communication with the person whom supports at that level. In my use I don’t want to offer too many lifetime memberships because I’m unable to fullfil the perk if too many people signed up.

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To those interested this is a great article:

Craig offers lifetime memberships at the $1500 level and has been surprised by how many support at this level.

It’s nice to see real world feedback about how this may or may not work. That article is also a great essay about membership programs in general.