How to have Monthly AND Annual-Only Tiers

I’m new to Ghost and I’m trying to figure out how to set up my memberships to match what I had with my old platform.

Essentially I just want 3 tiers:
• Free
• Paid (Monthly or Annual)
• Premium (Annual only)

Most people will do the Paid - Monthly plan (with a smaller percentage opting for Paid - Annual). So I definitely want Monthly to be an option.

But for the Premium tier, I DO NOT WANT to offer a monthly plan, because I want to offer premium benefits that aren’t possible at the monthly price.

Ideally, if someone has “Monthly” selected, the “Premium” tier is visible but disabled with some sort “Annual Only” label.

Is this possible? How?

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Ghost doesn’t really support this. A possible workaround:

  1. Set the monthly price to match the yearly price so that if someone manages to sign up anyway, they don’t get any benefit. (There are enough places where a link to portal may be baked into your theme that you’ll have to play whack-a-mole with…)
  2. Use a custom membership flow, instead of using Portal. Display the tiers available on a Ghost page, using the {{tiers}} helper. Use custom logic to not offer a monthly option. A number of custom themes have pricing pages built in that could be modified.
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Woah! @jessejanderson - Did not expect to see ADHD Jesse in the wild! Just picked up your book over the holidays, enjoying it.

This is the way. Membership flow in the backend is more customizable than the current Portal options.

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Gotcha. I like how Portal just works without me needing to fiddle too much, so I’ll probably just forgo this option for now. Thanks for the info!

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Ha - thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the book.

Maybe I’ll look into this more in the future, but just stick with Portal for now.

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