My host uses mariadb and won’t let me change to MySQL will this cause issues?

Will this cause any issues? They use MariaDB version 10.5.19.

I can use MySQL on my VPS but I only have 1GB of RAM so I was trying to alleviate some of the stress on my VPS cause MySQL eats a lot of that when I use it on my VPS so I was using remote SQL to my web hosting.

Will this be an issue? I can’t afford to move hosts right now and move to DO or Linode or anywhere else. I have this VPS until 3/2024 so I really don’t want to have to give up the ghost (pun intended heh).

I’m no expert, but there’ll probably be no issues. MariaDB is a fork of MySQL, so they’re pretty much the same. Some say MariaDB is even more efficient

The advice above was correct only up to about 5.20. The current version of Ghost requires MySQL and will not run on MariaDB.