I am a professional Ghost theme developer and just completed this theme

Here is the live demo of the theme I have just completed - https://nightingale.codespeedy.com/
You can set light mode or dark mode as the default in the settings. Also, users have the ability to toggle between light or dark mode.

Please give me your review of the theme and also let me know how I can modify it or what are some improvement scope of this theme.

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It’s a great theme, but I think the tag should be on top of the page, and also it should have a share social media button.

Did you create the with just HTML, CSS JS?

Nice work! I love the simplicity of the theme… You could improve the Hero section by adding an image cover maybe!

Thank you. And yes, In the next version, I will give an option in the settings panel to set the Ghost cover image to the hero section.

Okay, I will add the social share button. And yes, it is built in HTML, CSS and JS along with Handlebars code to make the logic and making it dynamic.

Okay, that is amazing, will you sell the theme and how much will it cost?

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It would be great to see some of the Ghost editor functionality displayed in the demo. The front page looks great, but how does it look with Youtube embeds, bookmark cards, galleries, images in posts, etc?

I see you are calling yourself a professional Ghost theme developer. If you want to be listed as a Ghost Expert, the link to apply is at the bottom of this page: Ghost Experts

If your theme isn’t yet in the directory, the link to apply is at the bottom of this page: Ghost Themes - The Marketplace

Thank you for asking. The purchase button is also available there to the right side of the live demo. Here is also the direct link for purchasing the theme - Nightingale Ghost Blog Theme . At the moment it costs 89$

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Thank you for the links. I will definitely apply for that.

In this page, you can check the Gallery and image inside the post. Clicking on the images will enlarge the image and there will be also the next and previous image icons to go through all the images inside the post.