My sitemap submitting couldn't fetch how to fix this

I have moved from WordPress to Ghost, removed the old submitted WP sitemap, and added Ghost generated one. But it display couldn’t fetch error.(1)

I checked the Live URL text, and it showed blocked by robots.TXT (2)

But I override robots.txt using the Casper theme.

Included this rules

User-agent: *
Disallow: /ghost/
Disallow: /p/


I have checked robots.txt and sitemap.xml don’t have any error. ( Using robots.txt checkers and Sitemap checkers )

Purge all caches and tested. I used DigitalOcean droplet to host my site.

But I submitted URL with “www.” . It has successful show error like this.(3)

how to fix that issue?

here is Screenshots

You have configured Ghost with the bare domain, so using www won’t work. You need to decide whether you want to use non-www or www, and then setup Google and Ghost correctly.

If you previously used www then you’ll need to consider redirecting one to the other.

Yes, I used non-www and submitted . But it shows a “couldn’t fetch” error, and the URL live test shows like this.

Can you test your robots.txt here? I think it might be out of date:

Google robot testing tool default redirects to my other website, and I have tried to check the blog through this. So I used this tool to check my robots.txt.

There is no error showing my robots.txt file.

I have cleared the cache from Cloudflare and re-submit it didn’t work.

Here is my robots.txt

Google robot testing tool default redirects to my other website

This will be the problem you need to solve. Google can’t see the website you’re trying to index. Using a different tool isn’t going to help fix Google.

@tedknow, earlier you mentioned submitting www to Google. If that is how things are setup, you’ll need to update Google of change of address.