Native search not working


Native search is working on one of my blog and not on the other one. I crossed the themes to checked if the problem could come from the theme, but it is not.

I wonder why could caused that the native search does not work, but I can’t find.

Any help on this topic ?

Can you share the URL of the site that’s not working?

Your site is running Ghost 5.2, but search wasn’t released until 5.3 - you’ll need to update for it to work.

You also have a JS error on the page from your plausible script, which can also interfere with other JS sometimes, just in case it still doesn’t work after upgrading!

Thank you @Hannah .

Indeed, I did not thought about 5.2.
The truth is that I do not succeed to update my Ghost-CLI since last week, facing this error :

Would you have any recommandation to help me ?

As for plausible, I do not understand why an error as I just copy pasted the script in the header. Should I warn the Plausible team of something going wrong ?

If you need help with updating Ghost then the best course of action is to raise your own topic in developer help and fill out the template with as much detail as possible.

Seems like the plausible error is gone now.

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