Search option not working


I would get the search working on my Blog. Recently switch from Wordpress to Ghost. I followed this Guide on GitHub, also tried an HountedTheme in my Blog but get no search results. What is wrong and can anyone help me?

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Looks like a configuration is missing. I would recommend checking the theme docs for theme configs.

Okay i look tomorrow what is Missing.

Check this

Okay, I have added this to the footer of a new Page. But nothing is showing when i open the Page.

  • Create a New page Named as Search
  • add this Below code on HTML Block
<input id="my-custom-input" type="text">
<div id="my-custom-results"></div>

Okay. I made it in this Site. But no search result.

seems you are adding the search SDK two times
remove it and check it will work

Okay, I removed the Code from the Theme. Used this tutorial before. now the code is only at the Search Site.

Error: GhostContentAPI Config Invalid: @tryghost/content-api does not support the supplied version index.js:23:14

t index.js:23

t index.js:16

value ghost-search.min.js:9

value ghost-search.min.js:9