Need help creating page with different theme

I want to quickly spin up a ppc landing page through Ghost, but I want a slightly different layout/footer. Is there a way to customize that?

Does this page help? Publishing options in the Ghost post settings menu - FAQ

You can use a different template or you can leverage the custom header and footer options to add styling, elements, and more.


You could create a custom template that gets applied to that page only. Custom Page Template Documentation

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I modified my theme back when ghost had version 1.25 or so but I don’t think the process is different. I think the only way to customize the theme IF you want to do other than upload it already made, is going through the theme code and the routes. In other words, no quick way. The only quick way is the one suggested above on the settings but that wouldn’t achieve what you are looking for

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This is great, thank you!

Do you know how I can edit the template so that there is no footer?

You want the footer completely hidden?

You could add this with code injection:

.site-footer {
    visibility: hidden !important;
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Awesome, it worked! Thank you!

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