Need Help in hosting the backend in EC2 and showing UI in an existing website UI

I’m trying to configure the Ghost blog in my server using EC2 for backend and S3 Bucket for Frontend, the problem here is I already have an hosted website which is hosted on S3 Bucket, I need show all the blogs using different routes in that UI.

The UI is built using Angular, how Can I proceed.
I did check the documentation they only show that if you want to host a Ghost blog you can only do it via Ubuntu EC2 Instance.

But I have I EC2 instance already running for my UI as backend, as we get data from the EC2 instance and show it on our UI.

Need urgent help to setup my blogs in existing Angular UI.

Sounds like you may want to follow one of the tutorials out there for using Ghost as a headless CMS combined with tutorials on how to run a Ghost blog at a subdomain.

Since you said you need to get the blog online urgently, you might consider a simpler, standard hosting design of running Ghost on it’s own domain on a EC2 Instance.

After you’ve met your urgent deadline, maybe you’ll have more time to figure out a more advanced hosting arrangement.

Or Ghost(Pro) hosting could be used temporarily while you work out hosting Ghost as a static website hosted on S3 as a subdirectory of an Angular website.