Use Ghost without frontend

I have setup the Ghost CMS on the Google Cloud Platform using the Bitnami installer.

However, the CMS does also feature a frontend page where all the blog posts are shown. Since i’m using the Content API in order to fetch the posts and showcase them on a different web-app, there is no need for this frontend page. How can i disable this?

Something like this? Configure nginx to only proxy admin, and use firewall rules allowing requests from the API to the ghost ip:port (you’ve not said where the webapp is hosted.)

The webapp is hosted on a VM on Google Cloud Platform

There are (at least) two options here, but it might depend on how your other app is set up. What are you using for the web app?

  1. You can set the site to private mode, which will disable the frontend. To do this, go to Settings > General > Make this site private.

  2. You can use a headless placeholder theme, which won’t render any content but ensure other assets continue to be served correctly: GitHub - ShortTechDE/headless-placeholder: 🥴 Headless Ghost placeholder theme with auto redirect and fixed robots.txt for Twitterbot

BTW, how’s the Bitnami installer/Google Cloud setup? I’ve never used it but have seen it mentioned a couple times on the Forum and am curious.